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- Upload your audio and video content (music, relaxation, classes…) or set up your live videos (RTMP streaming) into your XDcast account.

- Decide how much your customers will need to pay to watch your videos or download your audio files.

- Install the scripts provided on your website or blog.

- Start making money!

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You can use a demonstration of video clip sale and audio clip sale.

Find out more about the monetisation of audio content

XDcast offers unparalleled flexibility in managing audio content that you wish to sell.

In your Customer Account Area, you create virtual albums with one or more tracks that you upload to XDcast.

You then define your “sales offers”: you may decide to sell some albums as a whole, and certain tracks individually, at the price of your choice.

You may also let your customers buy a single track at a time, or even listen to extracts from some tracks for free!

XDcast provides the various scripts for you to install on your website or blog, with a simple copy and paste, so that you can sell you audio content from there.

You can also, in one click, publish your audio content on Blogger !

Once payment has been completed, your customer can download the content they ordered in MP3 format.

The download link is available for a 24-hour period after payment has been made.

And it’s just as simple for videos!

Thanks to XDcast, profitable VoD (video on demand) is finally within your reach!

In your Customer Account Area, you upload the videos or set up the RTMP streams you would like to make pay-per-view.

You decide how much your customer will need to pay and for how long they will have access to your video.

To entice prospective customers, you may also choose to let them watch extracts for free!

XDcast provides you with its video player, which you install on your website or blog with a simple copy and paste, to give your customers access to your video or clip.

You can also, in one click, publish your video content on Blogger !

Once the customer has paid for your video, they receive a virtual ticket number. All they have to do is enter it into the video player to start the show!

Simple and secure means of payment for your customers!

Two methods of payment are possible with XDcast, for both audio and video content:


Your customers can pay by telephone, SMS, credit card, PayPal or Internet+ (available only from France if the customer's provider is Free, Orange, SFR or Alice).

The amount charged is fixed and predetermined: 2.00 Euros (by telephone or SMS, this amount may vary according to the country your customer is in).

"Flexible" payment:

You decide yourself the precise amount you want to charge (from 2.00 EUR to 15.00 EUR for video content or a single audio track, and up to 20.00 EUR for a complete audio album).

Your customer can pay by credit card, PayPal or Internet+.

For sale of your audio content, you can combine both methods of payment.

For example, you can use the "flexible" payment method to sell a complete album including several tracks at the price of your choice, and allow individual track sales by micropayment.

That’s smart!

Minimum fees for maximum profit!

XDcast is remunerated for its hosting services by taking a commission on each of your sales.

This amount varies according to the payment method.

Here, by payment method, are the amounts you will make on each sale:

Payment by credit card: you receive 80% of the amount charged, VAT not included.

Payment by Paypal: you receive 70% of the amount charged, VAT not included.

Payment by Internet+: you receive 65% of the amount charged, VAT not included.

Payment by telephone/SMS:

Please note: the amount that you receive depends largely on the commission charged directly by the local telephone company.

Country and cost for the userYou earn
France (phone, 2.00 Eur TTC by call)0.80 Eur HT
Belgique (phone, 2.00 Eur TTC/mn)0.90 Eur HT
Belgique (SMS, 2.00 Eur TTC/SMS)0.75 Eur HT
Suisse (phone, 3.00 Chf TTC/mn)1.00 Eur HT
Suisse (SMS, 5.00 Chf TTC/SMS)0.92 Eur HT
Luxembourg (phone, 2.00 Eur TTC/mn)1.00 Eur HT
Canada (phone, 3.00 Cad TTC/mn)0.80 Eur HT
Royaume-Uni (SMS, 3.00 Gbp TTC/SMS)1.20 Eur HT
Irlande (SMS, 2.00 Eur TTC/SMS)0.55 Eur HT
Espagne (SMS, 1.39 Eur TTC/SMS)0.39 Eur HT
Portugal (SMS, 2.00 Eur TTC/SMS)0.52 Eur HT
(SMS, 1.99 Eur TTC/SMS)0.70 Eur HT
Pays-Bas (SMS, 1.50 Eur TTC/SMS)0.50 Eur HT
Danemark (SMS, 20.00 Dkk TTC/SMS)0.75 Eur HT
Suède (SMS, 20.00 Sek TTC/SMS)0.75 Eur HT
Norvège (SMS, 20.00 Nok TTC/SMS)0.80 Eur HT

All these amounts and percentages are net: technical intermediaries’ and operators’ fees have already been deducted.
The final amounts do not include VAT: if your company is subject to French VAT, you need to add 19,6% to these amounts.

You receive the proceeds of your sales quickly and at your own convenience!

With XDcast, you are paid quickly and at your own convenience!

As soon as your XDcast account contains at least 5.00 Euros, you can ask to receive your money by bank/postal transfer* or into your PayPal account.

* : to an account domiciled in a country accepted by XDcast, see the list below

Country Withdrawal minimum amount Fees
AUSTRIA 5.00 Eur 3.50 Eur
BELGIUM 5.00 Eur 3.50 Eur
CANADA 100.00 Eur 9.50 Eur
CYPRUS 5.00 Eur 3.50 Eur
CZECH REPUBLIC 5.00 Eur 3.50 Eur
DENMARK 5.00 Eur 3.50 Eur
ESTONIA 5.00 Eur 3.50 Eur
FINLAND 5.00 Eur 3.50 Eur
FRANCE 5.00 Eur Aucun
GERMANY 5.00 Eur 3.50 Eur
GREECE 5.00 Eur 3.50 Eur
HUNGARY 5.00 Eur 3.50 Eur
IRELAND 5.00 Eur 3.50 Eur
ITALY 5.00 Eur 3.50 Eur
LATVIA 5.00 Eur 3.50 Eur
LITHUANIA 5.00 Eur 3.50 Eur
LUXEMBOURG 5.00 Eur 3.50 Eur
MALTA 5.00 Eur 3.50 Eur
NETHERLAND 5.00 Eur 3.50 Eur
POLAND 5.00 Eur 3.50 Eur
PORTUGAL 5.00 Eur 3.50 Eur
SLOVAKIA 5.00 Eur 3.50 Eur
SLOVENIA 5.00 Eur 3.50 Eur
SPAIN 5.00 Eur 3.50 Eur
SWEDEN 5.00 Eur 3.50 Eur
UNITED KINGDOM 5.00 Eur 3.50 Eur
UNITED STATES 100.00 Eur 9.50 Eur

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