According to the French legislation and as a content hosting company, you will find below a form enabling you to report any unlawful content, as content :

- justifying crimes against humanity,
- dangerous or illegal acts (including but not limited to incitement to violence, animal abuse or drug abuse),
- child pornography,
- incitating to racial hatred.

and all content infringing copyright.

Alternatively, you can send a detailed postal mail with all the usefull information, such as : the date you discovered this content, the internet address of this content, the description of this content, your full identity and address.

Send this postal mail to :

Viva Multimedia
Service XDcast - Unlawful content reporting

60/62 rue de Wattignies
75012 Paris - France

Report form

  Name :
  First name :
  Company :
  Address : If you are reporting a copyright infringment, you must enter your postal address.
  Email address :  
  Phone :  
  Content location : Please indicate the location (internet address) of the unlawful content.
For a video content, please indicate the video id displayed on the video player.
  Explanation : Explain why this content is unlawful (copyright infringment, incitation to racial hatred..)
    By checking this box, I certify that all the information given in this form are correct and, if I am reporting a copyright infringment, I am the rights owner of the content reported here.

I acknowledge having been informed that my personal data are confidential and given to the Viva Multimedia Company only for the processing of this report.